From Iterable to Lambdas, streams and collections

par José Paumard
Tuesday 25 March 2014

From Iterable to Lambdas, streams and collections

With no doubt, the most widely used API of the JDK is the Collection API. Brilliantly designed 15 years ago, it is still at the core of all the Java applications. In 2004 if underwent its first refactoring with the introduction of the generics. This refactoring did not change the collections patterns. With the introduction of lambda expressions in JDK 8, the collection API is again rewritten, but this time the situation is different : the patterns are completely changed.

The first part of this session introduces the lambda expressions, how we can write them, and what they bring to us developers. The second part presents in details the new patterns introduced by the Stream and Collector APIs. These new APIs will change the way we process large collections content, enabling concurrent and parallel access, with a very simple programming model, and amazing patterns. Complex examples will show how powerful those APIs are, and how they can help us write efficient and clean code.

A propos de José Paumard

José is an assistant professor at the Institut Galilée (Université Paris 13) and a PhD in applied mathematics from the ENS de Cachan. He has discovered the Java language in 1995, and has been teaching the Java technologies at the university since 2000.

José has also been working as an independant for numerous companies, in a variety of areas. He is a well known Java / Java EE expert and trainer. He also publishes “Java le soir”, a technical blog in french, with about 750 pages of courses about Java / JEE in open access.

He is a member of the french Paris Java User Group, and co-organizer of Devoxx France.

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