RoQ: Elastic and Scalable Message Queue for the Cloud

par Maher Mkadem
Thursday 26 June 2014

RoQ: Elastic and Scalable Message Queue for the Cloud

RoQ is the first implementation of EQS(Elastic Queue Service), a new architecture designed Message-oriented middleware for efficient messaging in the cloud.

Traditionally, Message-oriented middlewares are not designed to support elastic scaling. This means that in a cloud context, they may very quickly become a bottleneck in terms of performance.

RoQ has been designed to answer this problem elasticity and scalability. This includes three properties:

  • When required, the capacity of the system will be increased automatically
  • This capacity increase has no impact on the global performance
  • When the load decreases, the system will scale down to avoid using unnecessary resources

RoQ started as a research project within EURA NOVA and has since then evolved into an open-source project.

A propos de Maher Mkadem

Maher Mkadem, is a consultant at EURANOVA which has worked on projects such as distributed platforms and Web projects.

Despite his short career, Maher has already been working in various functional environment, including Pharmaceutical and R&D domains.

Although Maher has been involved primarily on development projects so far, he is quickly building a strong knowledge of software architecture.

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