Creating User Friendly Experiences

par David Lilien
Tuesday 25 September 2018

Creating User Friendly Experiences

Nowadays user friendliness is a must have. In everything we use, we expect to be delighted, to find and use what we need easily.

This session will be about helping you craft a User Experience (UX) toolset dedicated to your needs and constraints. Showing practical examples and tools as well as return on experiences. We will start by expliciting what UX is then quickly dive deeper in the process and the various tools you can use with high return on investment.

UX Iceberg
The UX Iceberg

Building great products is not straightforward, a broad range of skills and tools can be used. From early user research, information architecture, interaction design, prototyping, usability testing and visual design to an overall design thinking development process and more. But it is also a matter of iterations and optimal collaboration with other disciplines.

Design Thinking Process
5 Stages in the Design Thinking Process

This session will be given in French

About David Lilien

David Lilien (LinkedIn) works with various companies, helping them creating user friendly digital experiences. Certified by Nielsen Norman Group in 2014, he is pationated by user research, information architecture and interaction design.

He has previously worked at EVS Broadcast Equipment for 8 years. Originally as frontend software architect, he shared his time between UX, technical and organisational activities in order to build great user experiences.

David Lilien

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